Thursday, November 09, 2006

Microsoft's Experimental Ms. Dewey Search

A couple of days ago I found a post on Google Operating System blog regarding an interesting search engine called Ms. Dewey.

The difference between the classic search engines and this one is that it features an attractive woman, Ms. Dewey, who stands above a search box and speaks to the user during his search. The site has a nice black look but it takes a long time to offer results to the user.

It uses Microsoft's Windows Live Search search engine and Macromedia Flash technology. The idea behind this is interesting, but without an AI to fully support it still remains a nice web application without a big repertoire of funny jokes. After a few minutes of using Ms. Dewey website I got bored of the same jokes and actions she does.

One of my favorite joke is when she taps on the glass of monitor to get your attention, if you don't do something for awhile.

I recently heard that Miscrosoft is behind Ms. Dewey website and they lunched it as soon as Google's experimental SearchMash site appeared online.

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