Monday, November 06, 2006

Firefox 'plug-in' to filter Google search results

A New Zealand company developed an Internet browser feature, or 'plug-in' that aims to improve the results from a typical Google search.
VortexDNA, a Christchurch technology company, claim to have developed a plug-in to the Firefox browser that can improve the relevance of Google search results. And they're looking for thousands of volunteer web-searchers to give it a free trial. The 'plug-in' is called MyWebDNA and can be downloaded from the VortexDNA website free of charge. Once the user installs the plug-in MyWebDNA presents you the two most relevant Google search results in the same way you might circle something that interests you in a newspaper.
The user's personal search 'DNA' is created by answering a few short questions as the plug-in installs into Firefox. It can be updated at any time by logging into the VortexDNA website.
The company believes this connection will enhance the Google experience.

I am waiting comments about this plug-in, and I am eager to test it myself, as soon as my Internet provider restores my Internet connection.
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