Monday, November 06, 2006

Firefox 'plug-in' to filter Google search results

A New Zealand company developed an Internet browser feature, or 'plug-in' that aims to improve the results from a typical Google search.
VortexDNA, a Christchurch technology company, claim to have developed a plug-in to the Firefox browser that can improve the relevance of Google search results. And they're looking for thousands of volunteer web-searchers to give it a free trial. The 'plug-in' is called MyWebDNA and can be downloaded from the VortexDNA website free of charge. Once the user installs the plug-in MyWebDNA presents you the two most relevant Google search results in the same way you might circle something that interests you in a newspaper.
The user's personal search 'DNA' is created by answering a few short questions as the plug-in installs into Firefox. It can be updated at any time by logging into the VortexDNA website.
The company believes this connection will enhance the Google experience.

I am waiting comments about this plug-in, and I am eager to test it myself, as soon as my Internet provider restores my Internet connection.

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sustento said...

this is easy to use and very cool. once you have your vortexdna profile you simply search as normal through your firefox browser. every link you visit is tagged with your dna so that link builds its own dna profile allowing others to find it later who share the same dna profile. its totally anonymous which is good.

so when you search for say hotels you will find marked up the links which have been clicked on by people who match your dna and therefore more relevant to you.

ultimately google could use the technology to simply reorder its search results relevant to you whereas now you get loads of links you arent interested in.

also you can use your dna profile to match with friends and people in general as well as organsiations to see how aligned you are to then. just login through the voretxdna site and you can invite people to match with you by sending them an email. you can use this tool as a personal coach tool as well by surveying yourself on a regular basis. even better, its all free.

have fun.