Thursday, November 02, 2006

"Jump to..." feature on Google search page

Have you noticed that every time a search is being made on Google using a single word, a lot of pages are returned. The pages with the highest PageRank are the first ones to be showed, and the pages with the lower PageRank are showed among the last ones. But how many times have you reached those last pages from the thousand or tenth of thousand of pages?

It is frustrate even to navigate to 20Th page of the search results, because you have to click 20 times on the Next link, but how about navigate to page number 245223?

I think Google should introduce the feature to be able to jump to any desired page, based on a selected number. The number must be lower than the total number of pages Google returned for your search. This feature will give websites with small PageRank a chance to end up as one of the pages visited by the user after he makes a search on Google.

The idea came to me after I tried to find, using Google, a website with a list of web proxy address so I can be able to access some websites restricted by the proxy from the company where I work. Almost all the relevant search results returned in the first 20 pages by Google were websites restricted by the company's proxy server. If I could access a lower result pages without clicking forever on the Next link I think I could have easily found a website that with a web proxy not being restricted by the company's proxy server.

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k_guk said...

Hi, you can achieve this by editing the url. There is a parameter called start &start=10& in the url. Just change this to the search result number you want to see. To see everything from page one, set it to zero. For anything from page 100 set it to 99. Voila!