Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Google movement

I have recently written an article regarding a plug-in developed by VortexDNA and after reading it again today and the comment posted there, I got a new idea about the "Google movement".

In the above article I discussed about a plug-in for Firefox based on a technology developed by VortexDNA, so I wonder how long will it be before Google will acquire this company too to integrate this feature into their already huge platform? Google has a history of buying small companies which developed a good idea but who struggle to survive on the web due to lack of funds or means to promote themselves. If the technology proves to be useful, buying it by Google and integrating it into their current platform will be the next logical thing to do. After all Google has the money and the power to do that.

As far as I can see, Google is trying to "educate" the average user to create a "one-in-all" account on their platform so they can have access to a lot of useful tools for free. Some of them are developed internally by Google, but most of them like Writely, Blogger, Google Analytics and other come from acquisitions of small companies. But this so called "free" is not entirely free. Google will either integrate Adsense to get revenue from publicity or they create a tighter connection with other tools that have already integrated Adsense.

The Google Movement has already started and it keeps growing, adding every day more users to it. The users are not just individuals who use their services but also companies who use Google tools to earn money. In a short time, Google will be integrated in almost every aspect of the Internet and almost every one will be using a small portion of Google to their personal needs.

And this is a good thing, both for Google and for us. Or is it not?

I admire them for their ability to sell free things!

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