Saturday, May 03, 2014

Google Wallet Merchant available for Romania

If you want to sell products on Google Play — priced apps, in-app products, or subscriptions — you will also need to set up a Google Wallet Merchant Account. You can do that at any time, but make sure to first review the list of merchant countries.

This is how Get Started with Publishing section of the Android Developer page starts when reading Get Started with Publishing. This is all simple and nice but, up until a few days ago, if you were from one of the less fortunate countries, Google wouldn't allow you to create a Google Wallet Merchant Account.

Yesterday while looking trough my Google Play Developer Console account I noticed a message related to Google Wallet Account. Romania together with a few other countries are part of the supported locations for developer and merchant registration starting with 1 May 2014.

Seeing this great news, I quickly proceeded to set up my Google Wallet Merchant Account. All I need now is to make an app worth selling on Google Play. I'll make sure to keep you posted once I know more about app pricing, how long it takes to receive money and other things you won't find in the Help section :)

To get started with Google Wallet Merchant registration:
  1. Visit your profile page on the Google Play Developer Console
  2. Under the Merchant Account heading, click the ‘Set up a merchant account now’ link.
Once registered, visit the Google Play Android Developer Help Center to learn more about selling your apps, managing orders, and receiving payouts.

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